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Pueblo Apícola 


First  President of Pueblo Apícola

Tec. Apícola Miriam Caraballo 

In 1999, Pueblo Apícola carried out its first export of honey to the European Union, and established a solid commercial relationship with honey packers. By then the company already had a business manager, who had worked with his family since he was a child, and later trained in Germany, where he began specializing in the production and marketing of honey. Without forgetting its origins, clear objectives were established in defense of small producers, to consolidate itself in the largest and most important cooperative organization in the country. ​

The name Pueblo Apicola means " Beekeepers

Town"  and the original idea comes from a

beekeeping pioneer  Miriam R. Caraballo

Dhó, whose  work inspired and met another

producers to found one network of beekeepers

from remote areas of Uruguay.

In the beginning the Cooperative was developed in the north of the country, and 10 years later Pueblo

Apicola is a strong national organization of small producers, with beehives all around Uruguay.

Mami 1 346.JPG

Julio, producer of Pueblo Apicola 2008

Truck arrive with drums for the Harvest - Pueblo Apicola - North Uruguay 2006

Logo NOP USA.png

Wild - Organic - Fairtrade

Foto Clac Canada.jpeg

Red Miel Latin America - Our booth Apimondia - Canada 2019

Present time

The cooperative works and grows under the same ideals since its origin, generating new opportunities with producers in all the country. 

Since 2005  the Cooperative is Certified Organic for European Union and United States (NOP). 

In 2009 the organization obtain the Fair Trade international seal.

We have more than 500 apiaries and 30.000 hives.  Pueblo Apícola is a first level organization of small producers. Member of  RED Miel Latin America, Clac-Fairtrade and Fairtrade International. 


Miriam and Teke prepare for the Harvest


Grup North - Pueblo Apicola - - Training March 2022

The Producers

With dedication, perseverance and a lot of work, the small beekeepers of Pueblo Apicola go out to the field every day to move their hives in search of flowers.

Hard work done with love, despite their shortcomings and adversities, they produce under ethical, biodynamic and sustainable quality standards.


Paola and Oscar

productores 1_edited.jpg

Family Santos - Pruducers of Pueblo Apicola


Export Team prepare the Container for Export


Football Teal Pueblo Apicola


Coca, Horacio, Oscar and Dario, Producers of Pueblo Apícola Guichón - 2021

Productores 2 .jpeg

Family Nuñez - Pruducers of Pueblo Apicola

Prodcutores 4 Hogar Ancianos.jpeg

Support campaign, Nursing Home - " San Vicente"

Captura de Pantalla 2022-04-14 a la(s) 00.29.28.png

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