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Uruguayan Forest Honey (Polyfloral)

This dark honey from the uruguayan native forest is famous for its level of minerals.

HMF: less to 10 mg/kg

Colour: 85 to 114 amber

Flowers - dark honey

*Scutia / Coronilla (Scutia buxifolia)

*Carqueja (Bachiaris White)

Monofloral Honey:

Uruguay has one of the best eucalyptus honey of the world, known for our flavor and healthy propierties.

The forests  located in the north and west of the country have 576.000 hectares.

HMF: less to 10 mg/kg

Colour: from 75 mm (pfund) to 85 mm (pfund) amber

and extra light amber

Flowers - Monofloral Eucalyptus

*Eucalyptus Dunnys

*Eucalyptus Grandis

*Eucalyptus Globulus

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GOTA Dark Forest 1.png

Homogenized Honey
/ not homogenized Honey


Polyfloral Honey 

Description: mix of flavour and from different wild flowers across the country.

Colour: from 15 mm (pfund) to 75 mm (pfund)

HMF: less to 10 mg/kg 

Colour: extra light amber 34 to 50 mm

Flowers - Polyfloral Honey 


*Lotus Blanco (Trifolium repens)


*Orange Blossom


Gota Licancia shutterstock_2144484187_ed
Panales solares.png

The most modern homogenized plant in South America with 50% less CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, and its energy from 90% renewable sources.


The homogenized plant and the warehouse with   HACCP certification,

guarantee a reliable process and excellent result

Quality - Analysis

Dra. Mayra Texeira   

Quality Manager of Pueblo Apícola 

The work of the quality team is to preserve all properties of the honey, we have evaluations of critical control points, and risk reduction.

We have support and advice of the prestigious german laboratory Food QS. 

We analyse the honey from each beekeper  and keep inform our customers before the shipment.


The Cooperative Pueblo Apicola and our producers have 3 auditing report every year, 1) Organic inspection, 2) oficial audit from warehouse, extraction plant and the Fairtrade  Inspection. 

We provide an internal auditing control of quality, we visit extraction plants and beehives from all beekeepers three times a year.

We offer regular training for each certification to be up to date.  

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 Feed the bees only with honey
In Pueblo Apicola we practice professional and renewable beekeeping, our training program teaches the producer to leave enough honey in the hive. Due to climate change our producers feed with honey, and move regulary the beehives looking for nectar sources.
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